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InventOne & MicroPython

What you will learn

    This tutorial will teach you how to install a python(micro) interpreter on the inventone board. You’d also learn how to program the board using micropython. Note that micropython has essentially the same syntax as python except that micropython as the name implies has limited resource as compared to the normal python.

Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Hey there 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼, been a while!!! Welcome to another awesome tutorial from InvenTech. Today we’d be designing 👩‍🔧 👨‍🔧 a temperature and humidity sensing device with an LCD to give you that awesome experience, it’s pretty easy and straight forward let’s get into it🙂.


Using the LCD with InventOne

One of the things that make a good project is it’s user interface. To have a good user interface, you need a good display.

This tutorial would take you through using the InventOne board and an LCD display.

Smart Lighting System


Thinking of building a smart house? Or you just want to wow yourself on the possibilities of using a microcontroller let’s take you through this tutorial of creating a smart lighting system that turns ON a bulb when the surrounding light (light from the sun) isn’t bright enough and it switches the bulb OFF when the surrounding light is bright.


LED Brightness Regulator


In this tutorial you’d be varying the brightness of an LED using a 10k potentiometer and an inventone dev board. This tutorial is pretty easy you should have little or no problem setting it up. All the very best!!!