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Robot Car using L298N & InventOne


Hello there! Are you in for another awesome DIY project? Here we would be building a robot car using our very own inventone dev board and L298N motor driver. This tutorial takes you through the hardware and software intricacies of controlling two brushed dc motors using the inventone board.

Dot Matrix & InventOne


Hey there! Do you want to get your hands on some cool stuff? Here is a tutorial on how to write virtually any text using the dot matrix. We would be using the InventOne dev board to control a dot matrix displaying conveniently any text we want it to display.

Ultrasonic Sensor & InventOne


Have you ever thought about creating a self-navigating car? Do you want to build an automatic pump system? We won’t be building any of the above here but we can give you a head-start. An ultrasonic sensor can help you achieve either of the previously mentioned projects all you need is to think out of the box. 

Button Controlled LED


In this tutorial you will learn how to model a push button using the inventone board. You'd be using the inventone board to control an LED based on the state of a push button.

Burglar Alarm System


Ever dreamt of building a home security system? Bother less as this tutorial takes you through building your very own Burglar Alarm System in just two steps. It’s pretty easy and am sure you’d enjoy it.