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Do you know your resistors?

A resistor is a two terminal component that resists the flow of current. They are a passive component i.e they can only consume power and not generate it. Usually they are used to limit the current flowing through other components. For example If we connect a Light emitting diode (LED), to a battery it would burn outrightly because the battery would allow a large amount of current to flow through the LED, this can be avoided if we put a resistor between the LED and the battery. We can calculate the resistance of a resistor using the Ohm’s law V=IR. Usually we calculate the resistance by reading the color bands of the resistor or by measuring it with a multimeter. Each strip of color on the resistor represents a specific digit. Different colors corresponding to their digit values are shown in the image below


How to set up Invent One with Arduino Software

What is Invent One (Main board)?
Invent One board is a device (based on the ESP8266 chip set) that allows quick and easy prototyping of embedded systems. This device has a Wi-Fi Soc at its core therefore it enables easy prototyping on and off the web which allows it to be influential especially in IoT and cloud technologies.

What is Arduino Software?
Arduino software is a tool used to design firmware for embedded systems whose main controller is the very popular AVR chip-based board called Arduino. Over the years, the software has grown to support varieties of chip-set.

Smart Lighting System


Thinking of building a smart house? Or you just want to wow yourself on the possibilities of using a microcontroller let’s take you through this tutorial of creating a smart lighting system that turns ON a bulb when the surrounding light (light from the sun) isn’t bright enough and it switches the bulb OFF when the surrounding light is bright.


LED Brightness Regulator


In this tutorial you’d be varying the brightness of an LED using a 10k potentiometer and an inventone dev board. This tutorial is pretty easy you should have little or no problem setting it up. All the very best!!!

Robot Car using L298N & InventOne


Hello there! Are you in for another awesome DIY project? Here we would be building a robot car using our very own inventone dev board and L298N motor driver. This tutorial takes you through the hardware and software intricacies of controlling two brushed dc motors using the inventone board.